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KYPHOPLASTY A patient, 80/F, had a complain of severe back pain in dorsal spine from last one year. One year back, she fell on the floor and got a fracture in dorsal spine in D11 and D12.She had no benefit of bed rests and painkillers which were adviced by some doctors then. Thereafter, she was advised for open surgery with screw and plates which she denied due to her old age and fear of surgery. Thereby, her pain was persistent. She contacted us at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and been advised for PIN HOLE Technique "KYPHOPLASTY" . In this technique, under Local Anaesthesia ; we inflate the collapsed vertebrae by balloon through pin hole incision and then fill cement. By the grace of God, the patient got immediate relief in her back pain.Now, She can follow her daily routine work without bed rest from the very next day. The beauty and benefit of KYPHOPLASTY is that a fracture vertebrae is treated by PIN HOLE incision, under Local ANAESTHESIA and there is no need to stay long in hospital.The best part is that the patient can come back in his routine life by the next day. For further details and queries, feel free to contact us at DARD the Ortho and Cancer Pain Management Centre Jaipur in Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and Sport's Injury Centre, Jaipur.
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