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On 17 April 2017, we organised a free camp in Udhyog Bhawan Jaipur, covering Orthopaedics, Sports'Injury and Pain Managment. Approx 250 patients of Low Back Pain, Spine Pain, Sports 'injury, Frozen Shoulder, Neck Pain, Osteoarthritis knee, Cancer Pain, etc visited our camp from various departments like RIICO, PWD, Mines and Geology, RFC, and many more.Free Consultancy, Check ups and physiotherapy been provided to them but it could'nt be a success without thier kind support. We are thankful to all.
Camp organized 19 April 2017, A perfect start up of the day by meeting with the intellects of the society. A warm welcome followed by the inauguration of our Orthopaedic, Sports'Injury and Pain Managment Camp at Rajasthan High Court Jaipur, Rajasthan by Hon'able Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharmaji. Free consultancy, checkups and physiotherapy been provided to the judges , lawyers and allied staff members.The patients of Frozen Shoulder, Neck Pain, Spine Pain, Low Back Pain, CANCER Pain etc were attended by us. It was a mind blowing experience for all of us. Our wholehearted gratitude for the President and Secretary of the High Court Bar Association for their kind and valuable support. Once again thanks to Hon'able Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharmaji for sparing his valuable time for inaugurating and visiting our camp. A wonderful experience and inspiration to move ahead to serve more nd better to the society. Pain Physician in Jaipur Dr. Ravi Khatri M:+91-9414245172
We, DARD-The Ortho and Cancer Pain Management Centre Jaipur, are commencing our Pain Management Consultancy and Treatment Services in Kota City(Rajasthan) on Every FIRST SUNDAY of EVERY Month. DR. RAVI KHATRI (The Pain Physician) will be providing the services so please feel free to contact him for further details.
A Patient , 54yr/F , was suffering from bilateral knee pain from last many yrs. Day by day, she was becoming incapable of performong her daily routine work and mounting stairs. She took many treatments including pain killers , ointments and different kinds of oil and physiotherapy. Finally , after failure of all treatments, her doctors decided knee replacement . Patient was not at all agreed. Meanwhile, the patient heard about DARD our Pain Management Centre in Jaipur. She approached us where we decided to undergo her two therapies simultaneously: One is for immediate relief : gave her some block around knee along with PRP (PROLOTHERAPY) in both the knees for long term relief. After 2 month, patient is almost pain free and happy. Her VAS score came down from 8 to 3. Now, She always bless us when she wakes up in the morning or mounts stairs without pain. Today's Mantra : To have a healthy mind and soul you ought to have a fit body.
Lead a Painfree life.
Prolotherpy (PRP or Regenerative Therapy) Over a last few years, PRP is one of the treatment modalities which is getting worldwide recognition.This is a boon for the patients who are suffering from knee joint pain but want to avoid the knee joint replacement surgery. Prolotherpy is a treatment that stimulates that diseased body part to heal or repair the painful area. In this, proliferant substance inject into the injured tissue. The benefit of the prolotherpy is that it stimulates the fibroblast to produce collagen and also stimulates and releases the growth factor in that particular area of injection which promotes the cartilage repair and ligament & tendon repair. This therapy includes Ozone and Dextrose & Platelates Rich Plasma(PRP).PRP is prepared by patient's own blood and seperates the growth factor and Platelates from blood and reinject in the required area. Main advantage of this PRP and Prolotherpy is that there is no serious side effects.Routinely 2 to 3 times therapy is necessary for each patient where the interval between two therapies is around 4-6weeks. Advantages: 1.Almost no side effects 2.Very effective in chronic pain or injuries 3.Natural way of healing 4.Cost effective therapy than stem cell therapy and Sahaj therapy. Where it works effectively: 1.In degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis knee/ankle/shoulder/elbow , low back pain, neck pain and sacroiliac joint pain, etc. 2.In ligament or tendon injuries eg.. Heal pain, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, plantar fascitis, ankle sprain(acute and chronic ) 3.In muscle sprains eg. Supraspinatus tendinitis(shoulder impigment syndrome), bursitis, rotator cuff tear and retrocalcaneal bursitis. 4. In all type of sports'injuries. For more inquries and consultancy, please feel free to contact Dr. Ravi Khatri Pain Physician Mobile - +91-9414245172 Email - At DARD The Ortho & Cancer Pain Management Centre Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Cancer Pain Management Cancer Pain " I am afraid not of Cancer but Pain"   This phrase is frequently heard with cancer pain.  Pain is one of the most common and depressing symptoms in Cancer. Cancer Pain is multifactorial and multidirectional in nature. It effects the relationship with the physical, psychological, spiritual and social functioning of the patient so cancer pain includes all these terms and it is called Total Pain.  Main aim of treatment of Cancer Pain :     1.Socially and Economically productive life 2.Patient compliance to treamtent  3.Aim for pain score of less than 4/10.  Drawbacks are: 1. Cancer Pain is one of the most diverse type of pain 2. Pain intensity poorly correlate with stage of Cancer  Treatment of pain is under two methods :  1. Pharmacotherapy  The disadvantages are:  1.Irregular followup by patient  2.Strict Opioid regulation by law  3.Cost   4.Side effects  2.Interventional Pain Management  The advantages are:  1.Effectively breaks the pain cycle 2. Treats the peripheral and central sentisization  3.Decreases the side effects 4. Single visit treamtent 5. Longer duration of pain relief 6. Inexpensive (cost effective) 7.Repeated visits are not required 8.Prolonged hospital stay is not required   9.Patient can stay at home pain free  For consultancy and further details, please call or write us: Dr. Ravi khatri Pain Physician  M: +91-9414245172 Email: You may also visit our facebook page. 
Free Consultation Camp for patients of Low Back Pain, Osteoarthritis Knee, Cancer Pain, Neck Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia.
A remarkable response and rewards A female patient, 69years old, was suffering from BILATERAL LEG PAIN from last many years. She used to have heaviness and burning sensation in her both legs. Her pain had been apparently increasing day by day from last 6 months. Consequently, it became intolerable. No relief/response, she got from medicines and physiotherapy . Intolerable pain gave her sleepless nights. Fortunately, she visited and consulted us for the same. Her MRI of L.S.Spine showed L4-5, L5-S1 disc with LUMBER CANAL STENOSIS of Low Grade. Along with, she had a history of Diabetes from last 15years. After proper examination, we found that it is surely not a SCIATICA pain. But this is a DIABETIC POLYNEUROPATHY of Lower Limb. We planned and undergone a short Sutureless Procedure of INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MANAGEMENT. Surprising results we attained , 50% relief in patient'pain immediately. This sympethectomy has given a satisfactory result to the patient of diabetic neuropathy. Her VAS score came down from 8 to 3 after the procedure. The patient's gratitude is our real reward. Mantra: Stress and Anxiety are harmful to health and happiness. Stay and live a stress-free life.