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We are fully equipped and advanced pain management centre at Jaipur. For further details, please feel free to consult us at 9414245172 or write us at /
Cancer Pain Management Cancer Pain " I am afraid not of Cancer but Pain"   This phrase is frequently heard with cancer pain.  Pain is one of the most common and depressing symptoms in Cancer. Cancer Pain is multifactorial and multidirectional in nature. It effects the relationship with the physical, psychological, spiritual and social functioning of the patient so cancer pain includes all these terms and it is called Total Pain.  Main aim of treatment of Cancer Pain :     1.Socially and Economically productive life 2.Patient compliance to treamtent  3.Aim for pain score of less than 4/10.  Drawbacks are: 1. Cancer Pain is one of the most diverse type of pain 2. Pain intensity poorly correlate with stage of Cancer  Treatment of pain is under two methods :  1. Pharmacotherapy  The disadvantages are:  1.Irregular followup by patient  2.Strict Opioid regulation by law  3.Cost   4.Side effects  2.Interventional Pain Management  The advantages are:  1.Effectively breaks the pain cycle 2. Treats the peripheral and central sentisization  3.Decreases the side effects 4. Single visit treamtent 5. Longer duration of pain relief 6. Inexpensive (cost effective) 7.Repeated visits are not required 8.Prolonged hospital stay is not required   9.Patient can stay at home pain free  For consultancy and further details, please call or write us: Dr. Ravi khatri Pain Physician  M: +91-9414245172 Email: You may also visit our facebook page. 
SUTURE LESS SPINE SURGERY In a single day, Two cases of ENDOSCOPIC DISCECTOMY are done recently . There were two patients with same complaints that they used to have tingling and numbness in their lower leg respectively and this problem used to increase, including low back pain ; while walking . Just after the surgery/s , both the patients not only got sound relief from the pain but also could able to walk. Now , there is no restrictions in their routine activities. The major benefit of this Operation is that there is no need to give a General Anesthesia to the patients and no need to do any major dissection and giving any stitches on the wound.Infact, patients can talk while the surgery and can feel the happening .That's why it's called Suture Less Spine Surgery. Thanks to Dr.Lokesh Sharma (spine surgeon)for showing his expertise with us And Special Thanks to Dr.Ashish Mittal for kind support and motivation. The patients suffering from Low Back Pain or Spine pain or related issues can visit or contact us for consultancy and treatment. We, Dard the Ortho and Cancer Pain Management Centre, are leading and advanced fully equiped Jaipur based centre. Dr.Ravi Khatri The Pain Specialist M: +91-9414245172 Write at Visit at
We are a leading and fully equipped advanced pain management may Consult Dr.Ravi Khatri The Pain Specialist M- +91-9414245172 Write us at
We are Jaipur based fully equipped and advanced Pain Management Centre.We believe in and follow Proven and Latest Technology. Please feel free to contact us at +91-9414245172 (Dr. Ravi Khatri / The Pain Physician) or can write us /