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Low back pain is most common and neck pain is the 2nd most common pain in the spine pain. 1. LBP is a pain between Lowest Back to Buttocks.Sometimes ,it is associated with radiation of pain in lower limb. 2. LBP is acute when it is less than 6weeks, Subacute when it is between 6-12weeks and chronic when it is more than 12weeks. 3. LBP arises from many parts from back like : Slipped Disc, facet joints, SI joints, muscular pain, interspinious ligament pain or lumber canal stenosis pain. 4. In the present scenario, LBP treatment is very much an art of the Doctor because the vital part of it is the Diagnosis from where the pain is generating. Treatment of LBP : 1.Conservative: Medicine, Physiotherapy, Exercise and physical therapy (most important of all) 2. Interventional: * Facet joint pain - Radiofrequency ablation or Cortison Therapy. * SI Joint - Radiofrequency ablation or Cortison Therapy. * Disc Pain - Epidural or Rami Communicating block. *Slipped Disc- Percutaneous Dissectomy, Percutaneous Neucleotomy by Ozone or Endoscopic Dissectomy. This is better and advance therapy in present, because no need of stay in hospital for long and also it is a bloodless procedure. *Muscular Pain - Physiotherapy and dry needling in Cortison and Lazer Therapy. Latest Facts about LBP: # Poor correlation between LBP and MRI findings.Most common is 50% MRI shows Slipped Disc but patient have no pain whereas 50%MRI don't show Slipped Disc but patient have Disc Pain. # Spondylsis is not a cause of LBP but it is a radiological finding,it is not clinical. The most common cause of LBP in elders is Facet Arthropathy and SI Joint Pain whereas in young it is Internal Disc Disruption. # Prolonged Bed Rest and Restriction from any work in LBP is not indicated nowadays. # L/S belt and brace are no more recommended. # Surgery is not always indicated in Slipped Disc with LBP. Need of surgery is only indicated if slipped disc is present with defficit or tumor or infection. At present, minimaly, invasive Percutaneous Procedure like Lumber Transforminal, Lumber Interlaminal, Caudal Cartison Injection like promising and effective in Treatment of Low Back Pain. 3. Surgical

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